Friday, August 31, 2007

Freaky Hijiki

Yeah, that's right, Gramma Peggy loves the Beastie Boys. Gotta problem with that? And yeah, I know the chances are that when some 59 year old librarian/gray haired granny makes that pronouncement it's probably the death knell heralding the end of the Beastie Boys' careers, but what the hell. It's true, I'm a fan. Even if the thought gives you a painful headache. At any rate, I highly recommend their album, "The Mix-Up." I got it as a loaner from my son, the king of eclectic music collecting (more on that in another post). Pretty soon I was dancing around the kitchen to this really great music! (Okay, scary visual.)

Wikipedia calls this album "post-punk instrumental." I'd call it a really creative mix of jazz, blues and electronica. The B. Boys themselves just say, "It spits hot fire." And maybe I've got a lot of gray hair, but I'm not dead yet and I get spittin' hot fire. I do! Really! Oh, just go listen. It's a treat, dearies, you have my word. Now I'm gonna go crochet antimacassers while rockin' my porch swing in time to Suco de Tangerina.

Anyhow, if you haven't been blinded by the headache or the visual of me dancing and you can actually see the picture, I chose it 'cause it reminded me of the music on "The Mix-Up." It's a photo of one of the rides at the Tanana Valley Fair, Photoshopped to within an inch of its life with motion blur and distortion filters.

Now, go dance!

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