Monday, February 11, 2008

The persistence of winter

You probably think this is a picture of the Butrovich Building, up on the ridge at the University, with the early morning city lights in the background. But actually it's a picture of what the longest cold snap in interior Alaska since 2000 looked like just before my fingers froze to the buttons of my camera and I sprinted to my car, hoping that the excruciating pain I was experiencing was a sign my hands weren't frozen solid (I mean, they'd be numb, right?).

This has been such a charming winter. Flat tires, viruses, chapped lips, dry hair, static cling. Everyone I know has been sick. Oh wait, everyone includes me! That's right - rub your screen with Purell before reading this blog entry. It's swarming with microbes.

But I admit, when you scrape a little hole in a frost covered window and peer out, it is kind of pretty. Especially at sunrise.

P.S. What I'm ordering from Palm tree, sand, sun lamp, shore bird CD.