Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fresh green fractals

Woooo! Look at this cool thing. Is this amazing or what! It could be anything: the surface of some misbegotten virus, intelligent life from another galaxy, a clump of fossilized pollen spores from the Cretaceous Period. And I found it at [...dramatic pause...] the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market. Yep, it's broccoli. In all its healthy green goodness. Boy, I love the Farmer's Market, but this just beats all. The first time I laid eyes on this crazy stuff (Romanesco Broccoli, sometimes called Fractal broccoli) I knew I had to own it, take it home, put it next to my kitchen window to backlight it, and photograph it. And, I'll admit, it's the first time I've gotten excited about something at the Farmer's Market when my main purpose wasn't to take it home and consume it. Although I will, when I'm done using it as a model for distant universes and life forms. I've always thought fractals were amazing, but I've never purposely cooked and eaten any before. I don't think. Okay, off to do more research on fractals!

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OsmoJoe said...

That broccoli is amazing. I've been wanting to grow Romanesco for a while. Maybe I'll try it this winter!