Friday, September 14, 2007

Picture shortage

Okay, the title isn't really accurate. I don't have a picture shortage. Because, god knows, I'll point my camera at virtually anything that holds still long enough. And, if it's moving, I'll make another bad stab at panning. So I have a boat load of pictures. But none of them are about anything I currently want to write about. And see up there in the Snaps North banner, where it says it's an illustrated journal?

So I made big plans for a picture taking/cranberry picking weekend (that's right, MizMagee can multi-task!), but now look - it's raining. So do I want to slog out to the dank and dripping woods and muck around on sloppy ground foraging for berries and photos? Well, I might. But as a certain cynic, philosopher and relative of MizMagee's often says, "Meh."

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