Monday, February 11, 2008

The persistence of winter

You probably think this is a picture of the Butrovich Building, up on the ridge at the University, with the early morning city lights in the background. But actually it's a picture of what the longest cold snap in interior Alaska since 2000 looked like just before my fingers froze to the buttons of my camera and I sprinted to my car, hoping that the excruciating pain I was experiencing was a sign my hands weren't frozen solid (I mean, they'd be numb, right?).

This has been such a charming winter. Flat tires, viruses, chapped lips, dry hair, static cling. Everyone I know has been sick. Oh wait, everyone includes me! That's right - rub your screen with Purell before reading this blog entry. It's swarming with microbes.

But I admit, when you scrape a little hole in a frost covered window and peer out, it is kind of pretty. Especially at sunrise.

P.S. What I'm ordering from Palm tree, sand, sun lamp, shore bird CD.


Phantom Midge said...

Thought about you last evening as PBS had an interesting program on about the building of the Alaskan Pipeline. Needless to say, everyone looked rather cold...

I think that virus must be continent-wide, as everyone here has it, too. Blech!
Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Spring will come soon. Possibly not soon enough to save us from climbing the walls in our underground Habitrail, but soon ....
--Miss Method