Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Wow, well after the experience with Rollyo I was feeling a little beat up by my 2.0 experience, but del.icio.us is really easy and useful! I can't count the number of times I've been away from home and work, sitting in front of a strange computer and wishing I had my bookmarks.

I didn't add all my bookmarks, just my absolute most favorites. I'll keep adding them over time, but, like a typical librarian, I've pretty much bookmarked the world and then organized them into a system of folders that would make Dewey proud. It looks like del.icio.us provides a way to be that compulsive, but maybe I'll try being a random-abstract thinker for a while. It'll be good for my right brain.

I also like the potential this site has for research, because, well, I really haven't bookmarked the whole, entire world. Close though! But between all the other del.icio.us users, I bet it's very nearly covered.

And the photo - well, crab apples are the only del.icio.us thing I have on my flickr page. I need to take more food photos!

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