Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Urgh ...

My assignment today was to create a search roll on Rollyo. I don't have a photo bleak enough to illustrate my experience. I registered and followed the instructions, adding links to three archives sites that would allow me to search for primary sources. I named my search roll "Archivia." Then I decided to edit it. Which is when I found out it had been renamed "My Archivia" and, even though I added each new link on a new line, as per directions, my links had been squashed into a chopped up mess. So I redid the links, retyped the name and clicked on the "create roll" button (since it was that or "cancel"). And guess what, Rollyo created a whole additional, messed-up, search roll for me. And there is no way to delete a search roll. So now I have two non-functional search rolls. Yippeee!

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