Thursday, June 14, 2007

LibraryThing and Technorati

Children's section
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Finally, LibraryThing is back up after some major down time, and I annexed this afternoon to get on and get going. I hate to admit what a really bad memory I have (And it's been this way my whole life, hasn't it? It can't just be my age ...), but more than once I've bought a second copy of a book I forgot I already owned. So I was delighted to find a place where I can input my library. Also I read like a maniac, so my friends are always asking what I'm reading, and what books I'd recommend. Now I can just point them to my LibraryThing library. Of course, we'll just have to see if I can bring myself to admit publically to the junk I read. If my list looks suspiciously lacking in trash, it should be clear that I'm embarassed to admit to the bad, bad cozies and horrible romances. Anyhow, I added a widget with random tags from my library to this blog; it's somewhere over there on the right sidebar. So, in a nutshell, yay LibraryThing!

The other part of my day's assignments was to take a look at Technorati. I did register this blog, though god help anyone who actually chooses to read it. I picture catatonic bodies, rigid from near-terminal boredom. Hey, I'm 59 years old and a librarian. I take cute pictures of flowers. I haven't raised any kind of hell since I was 18, and even then it was faint hell indeed. Well, er, so, anyway ... Technorati. The search features were a little different than described on my library's Learning 2.0 page, but it seemed easy to use. It's amazing how many blogs, photos, videos and miscellaneous things people have put up on the web! So the odds are I'm not alone in boring the living brain cells out of any poor victim who opens a blog page.

Boy, have I gotten far off the topic of photography! Photo above taken in the children's section of Rasmuson Library (just in case the title didn't give it away ...), with major post processing inflicted upon it, including a massive saturation boost.

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